Notes from IHA

Notes from IHA

Could you give us some feedback about our newsletter? We are contemplating issuing the bimonthly newsletter and technical insert in an electronic format instead of a printed one. IHA Online, the monthly electronic briefing that we now offer to members and their affiliates, would become part of the bimonthly newsletter. Many of the newsletters we receive from our members and others come to us in an electronic form instead of printed (some come both ways). But some of our members still like to send and receive a printed newsletter. Do you have a preference about what you receive? The current printed newsletter and insert are benefits of membership. If we switch to an electronic newsletter and insert, you would be able to print them out to read in a hard copy. But maybe you like the printed version you receive from IHA in the mail, want to have something to hang on to, and don’t want to bother with an electronic version. What is your preference?

A further question is whether the technical insert is something you value. We believe that many members save the inserts for future reference (at least that is what we are told). Would you be likely to preserve or archive them in an electronic form? And what is your opinion of IHA Online? That is a completely different compilation of information, drawing from sites on the Internet and current news. It is often more time-sensitive than the printed newsletter and is sent by request to email addresses of individuals that our member organizations give to us—usually addresses of their members and volunteers. Recipients do not have to be individual members of IHA. Please let us know your inclination by sending an email to, or give us a call at 217-359-3781. Thanks very much.

As we close out our thirty-fifth year of service, we have the final winners of drawings for books from the IHA library and archival supplies donated by Gaylord Brothers in celebration of our anniversary year. For November, the DuPage Graue Mill and Museum will receive one hundred sheets of unbuffered acid-free tissue. The Graue Mill and Museum is an operating waterwheel gristmill and homestead in Oak Brook, Illinois. It provides programs for school children and others, offering milling, spinning and weaving, and living history presentations. It displays artifacts showing what life was like for area residents between 1850 and 1890. The winner for December was the Catlin Historical Society, which will be awarded a Zircon Leak Alert water detector. The society operates the Catlin Heritage Museum in Catlin, Illinois. The museum is in a building dating from about 1827 which houses displays reflecting local life over more than a century. The society mounts exhibits and maintains files and photos of interest to genealogists.

The winner in our book drawing for November is the Arlington Heights Historical Society, which will receive Photographs: Archival Care and Management, by Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler and Diane Vogt-O’Connor. The society’s museum offers classes, programs, and special events. Its Heritage Gallery contains local history exhibits drawn from the society’s extensive collections, and it often hosts traveling exhibits. For December, the Chicago Public Library, Special Collections, will receive Civil War Generals: Comrades, Peers, Rivals, in Their Own Words, by Robert I. Girardi. The Special Collections division showcases rare and unique materials about Chicago, including photos, manuscripts, books, artworks, and artifacts about the city’s neighborhoods, the Chicago Theater, children’s books from Chicago, and the Civil War.       

 Congratulations to all four winners.





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