The IHA offers resources to assist our members including our circulating library, equipment loans, and museum FAQs that can help you resolve issues at your institution.

Gaylord Archival Discount

IHA members receive an 18% discount from Gaylord Archival and approximately 40% in discounts for shipping on orders over $250. Founded in 1896, Gaylord began service to banks and libraries with adhesive papers. Today it is known as Gaylord Archival and it provides archival products and exhibit cases to libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions.

Circulating Library

The IHA maintains an extensive library with materials relating to nonprofit operation, collections management and care, research and interpretation, historic preservation, and local and Illinois history. The library contains more than two thousand titles and is especially strong in vertical file material, with current articles on approximately three hundred topics.

IHA members may borrow materials for four weeks. We offer information related to

Technical Inserts

Each IHA newsletter contains a technical insert that addresses an area of concern for cultural heritage organizations. We offer technical inserts related to the following subjects.

Equipment Loans

  • Measuring Board that measures three-dimensional artifacts. Must come to IHA headquarters to pick up, as it is too bulky to mail. Not useful for only one artifact unless you want to bring the artifact to IHA headquarters, but if you have a project to measure several artifacts such as vases, lamps and lampshades, typewriters. telephones, and small tools and equipment, it is very handy. Has a sliding piece that measures odd shapes. No charge, but need reservation.
  • Portable Vacuum Cleaner and attachments including mesh screen, wands, and microtools. The two-speed DataVac is ideal for cleaning collections including clothing and textiles. The loan period is four weeks. The cost is approximately $20 for return postage and $300 insurance. For more details or to arrange a loan contact the IHA office at 217-359-3781 or plmxiha(at)gmail(dot)org.